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Socks on Vacay: the socks so far

We are about halfway through Socks on Vacay, give or take, and I’m super happy about my sock-knitting progress thus far. My goal is 6 finished pairs (12 single socks), and I’m sitting pretty at 9. I feel like I’ll surpass my goal, but there’s no telling, right? Last year, I made 17 single socks. Wowza, eh? I’ve got six …

Instagram Links

Something weird happened with the Linktree, the link page situation I’ve been using, so in the meantime, here are links I’ve talked about on Instagram lately (I’ll be adding to this as I have energy):

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Thanks so much!

OMG, friends! Because of you and your support, I am able, today, to donate $403.44 to organizations working to help reunite the families separated by our horrendous administration’s racist and ugly policies at our southern border. We need to keep on doing this kind of work, people. Those of us who can donate money should. Those of us who can …

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I’m teaching this summer!

Want to learn toe-up sock knitting from me, the self-professed sock-obsessed? If you’re in the Portland area, you’re in luck, because I’m teaching at couple of shops this summer.. For both classes, we’ll be using my Sundae Sock pattern, and the description/materials list is pretty much the same: Throughout this three-week course you’ll learn how to work Judy’s Magic Cast …

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Sagittate means “arrow” in latin, and this lovely, summery scarf is a big fluffy arrow of awesomeness. Mix two colors to create your own sagittation.

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Family separation update: organizations doing good works

So many people have messaged and emailed me regarding my newsletter (thank you so much for that, friends!), and some have shared some awesome resources that could use our support. If you’re looking for other organizations to donate to, here’s a list, with links. These organizations are all looking for financial support. Most are providing legal support to these families; …

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What is happening?

I know that the American history we’ve been taught in schools is so disgustingly white-washed that many of us don’t even know or realize just how many horrible things this country has done, particularly to people of color. And I know that this current crisis is absolutely in line with the true American history. Othering people of color so that …

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The Empowering Dress Society

In one of those typical-of-our-age instances of rabbit-hole internet’ing, I stumbled across a reference to The Rational Dress Society, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind ever since… The society was a reaction to the absolutely not-practical dressing standards imposed on women of the time (the late 1800s in Britain). Their self-described purpose was this: …

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We are knee-deep in trade show life, y’all! I love being a part of this community, and spending time slinging yarn and meeting shop owners and hanging with other wholesalers and feeling the vibes and laughing and funning and connecting. It’s all so so good. These are all of the projects I’m bringing (and hoping to finish) while at TNNA …


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and finally, a few weeks ago, I did the set-up necessary for a build-your-own-Ebook promotion on Ravelry! All you have to do is put five of my self-published patterns or Ebook collections in your Ravelry cart, and the least expensive one is free! This counts for all of the Socks for …