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March 27, 2017

Eight (!!)

I am now the mother of an eight-year-old. Wow. How can that be? I feel like it was only a minute (and a lifetime) ago that I found out I was preggers. And then there was the long being-pregnant situation. The newborn fog. Watching her ...

January 12, 2016

Book it: December 2015

Nine books this month, although many were quite short. They ran the gamut from young adult to end-of-the-world to connection to business. A great way to end my year of reading, and it brought me to a grand total of 66 books for the ...

August 11, 2015

A shared obsession

When you have kids, you wonder how much of you is going to transfer to them. You hope that they get your good, and that your bad is skipped over (or, maybe not your BAD, but those parts of yourself that aren’t your favorites ...

July 21, 2015

Summer Road Trip, part 4

San Diego was, as San Diego can’t help but be, amazing. We played hard and slept hard in Southern California. Auntie Jill taught Hazel how to sew, and they made an adorable quilt for lovies. (She made one for Astrid, too, but we ...

July 19, 2015

Summer Road Trip, part 2

The second part of this Road Trip Travelogue takes place in the city of angels, where we spent 5 days with college friends and family, and at an amazing and beautiful wedding of two very special folk. Is there anything in the world ...